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Below you can find information on proposals submitted to the Commission on Innovations and Investments. Additional and more detailed information can be provided on demand. In this regard, please find our contact information in the menu on the left side of the page.

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Establishment of Prof. Khachatryan Clinic of Alternative Medicine
Project proponent: Ashot P. Khachatryan Academic degree: Doctor of Medical Science Academic rank: Professor Member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, European Academy of Natural Sciences, and New York Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Union of Journalists. Born 1956 in Erevan in a family of physicians. Having graduated from Erevan Medical Institute in 1980, moved to Novosibirsk. A candidate degree conferred in 1989. In 1992, A. Khachatryan received an academic degree of doctor of medical science. He is an author of 6 monographs, more than 300 scientific and popular science articles, more than 60 author certificates and patents received in Russia and abroad, more than two dozens innovation proposals of industry-scale significance adopted by the Russian Ministry of Public Health. He received many awards for his inventions including three gold, two silver and two bronze medals of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements; Koch, Ehrich, Schweitzer, and Virchow medals, as well as diplomas and medals from international exhibitions. In 1988, he received the First Prize from the State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries for the development of a new method of diagnostics acknowledged among best inventions of the year in all spheres of science and technology. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, A. Khachatryan received in 1998 a honorable degree "Honored Inventor of Russia" for his long and fruitful work of invention and innovation in public health. This honorable degree was awarded among physicians only to Prof. G. Ilizarov and Acad. S. Fedorov. In 2004, A.P. Khachatryan received the Great Cross, highest award of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, as well as Virchow and Schweitzer medals for his scientific achievements in the area of public health. In 2006, he received the Chizhevsky Gold Medal, highest award of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, for his achievements in the area of public health and health improvement in Russia. The name of Ashot Khachatryan is well known far beyond the borders of Russia. His device and methods for early rapid detection of various pathologic conditions and diseases including oncology ones are widely renowned. He is the author of an original concept of causes for oncology and many other serious diseases. He developed and introduced into practice new methods of detection, treatment and prevention of various diseases considered for far as incurable. For more than 15 years, professor Khachatryan has been studying problems of disbacteriosis, that is, disturbance of the large intestine microflora balance. Administering treatment to more than 40,000 patients with different frequently occurring chronic diseases considered incurable (allergy, bronchial asthma, eczema, psoriasis, immunodeficiency and others) he has come to a conclusion that they are primarily caused by disbacteriosis. Treatment of such patients according to a specially developed method enables improvement in 100% and complete recovery in 90% of cases. Thus, contrary to the conventional medicine that may be viewed as symptomatic (only symptoms of disease are removed, not the cause), this type of medicine eliminates the cause that allows, beside amelioration of the patient's condition, completely relieve the patient of his/her "incurable" disease. It is well known that the human organism consists to 75-80% of water. It is also known that that water has certain parameters: it is structured, alkaline and negatively charged. A disturbance of the intestine microflora balance entails metabolic disorder and formation of toxic compounds (e.g., methane) being free radicals with an acidic рН. Having lost a negatively charged electron those compounds are able to actively take electrons from vital cellular structures, e.g. DNA molecules. Permanently acidifying the cells, such compounds take away their charge. As a result, the cells become de-energized and cannot perform their functions. Gradually, they become ill and finally die. It was proven by international researchers that it is the elevated content of free radicals in human organism that can be named among primary causes of premature ageing and acute and chronic diseases. Free radicals can be controlled using antioxidants, substances that have free electrons on their electron envelopes. Having entered the organism, they give their electrons to free radicals thereby protecting the cell from their attacks. Vitamins C and E are natural antioxidants. Using ECA technologies, an aqueous solution has been obtained with parameters close to the water present in the organism's interior, that is, alkali and structured one with many free negatively charged electrons that features antioxidant properties. Administration of 100 ml of such aqueous solution is identical in terms of antioxidant properties to a one-time taking of 150 pills of vitamin C. Having entered the human organism, such solution, on the one hand, neutralizes free radicals by giving them its electrons and on the other hand, due to its ability to easily penetrate cells, acidifies and energizes the cells by donating them an electron. Thus, physiological renovation and self-recovery of cells is achieved. The said solution is administered for internal use or intestinal irrigation, curative intubation (ablution of bile ducts), external wrapping, exposing the organism to steam, and, perhaps, taking a bath. Techniques of treatment using these solutions developed for various diseases are protected by patents (25 Russian and 3 U.S. patents), certified at the CENTER OF MODERN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (California, USA), and honored with the Great Cross, highest award of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Koch, Ehrlich, Schweitzer and Virchow medals, and the Chizhevsky Great Gold Medal, highest award of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. Patients of professor Khachatryan come from various regions including those with centers in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Barnaul, Saratov, St. Petersburg, Moscow as well as Germany, USA and Singapore. The age of patients ranges from two months to older patients without any limit.

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