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Innovation and Investment Projects Bank

Below you can find information on proposals submitted to the Commission on Innovations and Investments. Additional and more detailed information can be provided on demand. In this regard, please find our contact information in the menu on the left side of the page.

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A new innovative product - bio-fertilizer "NIKFAN, G"
Biofertilizers "NIKFAN, x" - a highly concentrated bio-fertilizer - a new innovative biotech products obtained using the growth of microorganisms. The drug is manufactured on the basis of culture fluid obtained as a result of mushroom growing - a producer in a sterile nutrient medium in fermenters, and also contains the components of the commodity form. The main active ingredients of the drug are the products of metabolism of the producer: amino acids, enzymes, growth substances, including plant hormones (cytokinins, auxins), as well as components of the commodity form, containing humic substances and substances that provide the stability properties of the product during the warranty expiration date. Observed biological effects of the drug are achieved through improved nutrition of plant seeds and vegetative organs, stimulation of photosynthesis, the regulation of their own genes of plants at the molecular level on the basis of hormonal signals in the plant due to penetration of the active parts of the drug with protein receptors across the cell membrane of the plant. Biofertilizers refers to non-dangerous products are not toxic to animals, bees, fish, earthworms, does not contain or release toxic substances, does not require any special precautions when working with him. The production does not use genetically modified ingredients and technology. The drug is produced in concentrated form. Consumption of products 3,5-4,5 ml per 1 hectare, including seed treatment and processing of drug crops 2-3 times. Biofertilizers "NIKFAN, there has been produced by the technological regulations, has a security certificate, valid in Russia until 2019, the trade mark number 190579 Rospatent and state registration in Russia № 1692-09-208-370-0-0-0-1 . The drug was developed over 10 years, in 2010, registered in Russia, was tested in Russia, China, India, Colombia and Kazakhstan.

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