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Innovation and Investment Projects Bank

Below you can find information on proposals submitted to the Commission on Innovations and Investments. Additional and more detailed information can be provided on demand. In this regard, please find our contact information in the menu on the left side of the page.

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Utilization of poultry manure & Processing into feed supplements or into fertilizer
Minifactory recycles from 40 to 200 tons of poultry manure a day when the cycle of processing 6 - 7 days. Degree of processing depends on the diet the bird. Yield is not less than 55% of recyclable waste. Besides being able to re-use of waste, the benefits of recycling are: • the transition of heavy metals in "mobile" form that is well absorbed by biological organisms - plants and animals; • clinkering and removal from active status toxins, E. coli, worms, pathogenic, USED as feed additives • 30% of the daily diet of the birds; • 50% of the daily diet of cattle and pigs. Used as fertilizer • nitrogen content of 7%, 7% potassium, and 7% of phosphorus; • to fertilize the soil before planting is sufficient to mix 3-4% of the original mineral fertilizers and products from chicken droppings, then make the resulting fertilizer spraying; • when the cost of the product order $20 USD per ton, this product replaces a complex system of fertilizers price over $3,000 USD per ton/

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