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Innovation and Investment Projects Bank

Below you can find information on proposals submitted to the Commission on Innovations and Investments. Additional and more detailed information can be provided on demand. In this regard, please find our contact information in the menu on the left side of the page.

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Mobile & multi-purpose Minifactory-drying
Minifactory used for drying different types of organic products (wood, medicinal plants, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, tobacco, etc.) and separation of natural organic liquid which is contained in these products. Minifactory made from standard 40-foot container. The drying process is carried out in the soft mode at 24-25 C (Wood is not above 65 C), which allows to obtain a dry product is very high quality with full mineral - vitamin complex and nutrient composition of the feedstock. Difference moisture over the entire volume of not more than 1,5%. Marriage is excluded, provided that the dryer is laid homogeneous material. In the drying chamber are two opposite walls are parallel, equipped with thousands of nozzles in the form of calibrated holes. Between them is fed compressed air that is moving from one wall to another, forms a forced flow. This allows us to uniformly reduce the residual moisture and control the drying process. Drying takes place in a closed loop using the device, drawing moisture condensing in a separate container. Specified drying parameters are automatically supported and controlled by the automatic system and alarm. The world's first technology of drying Minifactory products such as meat, fish, fruits, herbs, tobacco, etc., allows us to obtain full and complete on the physico-chemical and biological composition of the liquid - the essence of the juice product. Drying time of these products does not exceed 7 hours. During the test, the dryer was loaded onions. Dried onion was sent to the competition of technologies for drying vegetables and fruits, which took Moscow, product ranked first, similar products are very popular in northern and remote areas of Russia, the Russian Army. Universal Minifactory - Drying is a major result of the development of innovative technologies, their use can fundamentally change the economics of many industrial processes. Minifactory copes well with complex drying wood (oak, ash, birch, aspen, etc.) as well as after drying, no warping, cracking and deformation is linear. The strength of wood after drying at 28% higher than in similar samples, dried in conventional drying chambers. This eliminates the special ways of sawing wood (radial, tangent, etc.). In practice, Minifactory extracts from 1 m3 of timber of 250 liters (up to 7,200 liters of full load dryers) interstitial fluid, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, massage parlors. The cost of the intercellular fluid times higher than the cost of dried wood. Transportation by road, rail and water transport.

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