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President of the Foundation

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sangit_vargezePresident of the Foundation

Sangeeth Varghese (India) – 

the world's bestselling author, founder of «LeadCap Ventures & Trust» is a world-renowned scientist and thinker in the field of leadership, one of the Top-10 from the Harvard and London Schools of Economics. 

He is a personal adviser to three Prime Ministers on leadership, development and youth affairs, as well as an ambassador of Harvard. 

He is listed in Who's Who in the World, 2012-2013. 

Dr.Varghese has advised the leadership of more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia, as well as institutions such as the UN, the World Bank and Fortune 500 corporations: Microsoft, Intel & Unilever and others. At the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2010, he was recognized as the most promising youth leader in the world. 

Varghese is the author of the world bestsellers «Open Source Leader» and «Decide to Lead».  

He was honored to be the first Asian young ambassador from the Libyan Government. Member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard University Global Business Community, co-founder of Bangalore Biz Lit Fest and Future 2050, writing editor of Forbes and Economic Times. 

Prior to that, Dr.Varghese was the chief consultant of the UN in London. One of the leaders of the telecommunications and computer network development team in India. MBA and Bachelor of Economics with gold medals.

Emerald Insights recently published a case study about Dr.Varghese and his life story.

At the International Forum in Davos in 2010, he was recognized as the most promising youth leader in the world.

Since 2007, he has been the head of the Varghese LeadCap Trust, a foundation that specializes in expanding opportunities for young people from low–income segments of the population of India and organizing a "social elevator" for them. More than 10 million young people are involved in the organization's programs, which makes LeadCap Trust one of the largest projects in the world. Co-author, co-chairman and author of the concept together with Mikhail Zernov (Russia) of the International global project «GLOBAL EMERGING LIDERS COMMUNITY» (GEL), the implementation of which has been postponed to the post-teen period.

biserka_evtimevichBiserka Jevtimijevic

President of the International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD) in 2019-2021
    President of the Board of “Naftna industrija Srbije” (Oil company of Serbia)
    Member of the Board of FIAT Serbia
    Liaising with all relevant Ministries, Government bodies and international organizations
    Overall 13 years of experience in management of development /relief  projects.
    Independently managed projects in Serbia and in the Region, related to Infrastructure, Private Sector Development covering SME Policy, Capacity Building of Business Development Services, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Enabling Environment and Sustainable Economic Development focused on Small and Medium Enterprises
    Helping to start up, establish, develop and manage some of the most prominent non-governmental and international organizations in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia.
     Received IFC Spot Awards
    Program Coordinator for “Self-reliance and Social Integration of Refugees”: planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating all program phases including giving legal advise to refugees. Reporting to international donors
    Establishing Civil Rights Project, liaising with relevant legal bodies and opinion makers, participating in creation of local network for Human Rights support of refugees, providing strategic planning for future implementation of Civil Rights Project
    Liaison Officer within international diplomatic mission (ICFY)


Born in Baku, 1959
President of Azerbaijan Pen club, Secretary of Azerbaijan Writer Association
  • Member of the Writer Union Executive Committee, 
  • National Writer of Azerbaijan
  • Doctor of Juridical Science
  • „Tudor Arghezi” Award Winner
  • Knight of „Lenin”, „ Red Flag” and „Red Star”  orders
  • Knight of „Glory” order of Azerbaijan
  • member of UNESCO committee under the President of Azerbaijan
  • member of State Awards committee of Azerbaijan
  • member of the Coordination Union of the azeris from all around the wolrd
  • Winner of 14 international awards
The books of Chingiz Abdullaev are translated into 29 languages . Their total circulation comprises more than 27 million exemplars. On screenplays and books of Ching Abdullaev have been made 2 TV series and 7 movies. 
The books of Chingiz Abdullaev have been published in Azeri, Russian, Romanian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Serbian, English, German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkish, French, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Latvian, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Belarusian, Polish, Spanish, Albanian, Arabian, Hebrew and Farsi languages.




Was born in 1968 in Rize


  • Member of the Parliament for Istanbul
  • Head of the Turkish Delegation of the Parliamentary Assemmbly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC)
  • Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Ismail Safi is an expert of politicial sciences and graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, department of public administration of Hacettepe University. He completed his master degree in the field of City and Environmental Sciences and completed his doctrotate in the Political Sciences at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Ankara.

He lectured on politcs at Fatih and TOBB Universities. He published a book. He is granted the title of honorary professor by Azerbaijan International Sciences Academy for his studies in the field of Eurasia and the Turkish Word. He has carried on several studies on Conservative Party and NGO’s similar to Conservative Party in Great Britain.He lectured on politcs at Fatih and TOBB Universities.

He also carried on the duties of the Presidency of Turkish National Committee on Struggle Against International Addiction (ICAA), Chairmanship of the Association of Eurasia Civil Society Cooperation and the Turkish Directorate of the Foundation of the International Black Sea and Caspian Cooperation (BSCSIF).

He was the member of Justice Party Founders Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Relations, Member of the Foreign Relations Consultative Committee, Member of the Central Disciplinary Board and Vice Chairman of the Secretary General of the Justice Party.

He is elected deputy from İstanbul in the 24th term general parliamentary elections and is elected as the Chairman of the Turkish Delegation to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly.



June 17, 1965, Bucharest, Romania
Married, has two children

Educational background
  • Civil Engineering Faculty, Bucharest, 1990
  • National Defense College, Bucharest, 1993
  • Faculty of International Relations, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration (S.N.S.P.A.), Bucharest, 1996
  • College of International and Security Studies, Center for European Security Studies "George C. Marshall", Garmisch, Germany, 1998
  • NATO Defence College, Rome, Italy, 2005

Training Courses and Terms of Probation
  • 1995 - Basic Problems of European Security and Foreign Policy in The 20th Century, organized by the Christian Democratic Academy for Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary
  • 1995 - Stage at the European Parliament for the Robert Schumann Foundation
  • 1996 - Training on National Security Issues, organized by the European Center for Security Studies, the Netherlands

Invited to participate in international conferences and seminars organized by the Atlantic Council Foundation (USA), World Policy Institute (USA), CSIS, Council of Europe, "Europe 2000” , Project on Ethnic Relations, NATO Defense College, EU- Institute for Security Studies, Institute for Strategic Studies (China), “HANNS SEIDEL”  Foundation (Germany), "George C. Marshall''' Center for European Security Studies, etc.
Work Experience
  • 1990 - 1993 - Civil Engineer, “CARPATI” Buildings Company
  • 1994 - 1996 - Parliamentary expert on defence and international relations issues at the Christian Democrat Group in the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania
  • 1997 - September 1998 - Assistant to the State Secretary for Defense Policy, Ministry of Defence, Romania
  • October 1998 - 2001 - Head of the Defense Section, the Mission of Romania to NATO and WEU, NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2002 - May 2005 - Senior Adviser, Department for European Integration and Defence Policy, Ministry of Defence, Romania.
  • 2005 - 2009 - Director of The National Defence College,Romania •
  • Since 2009 - Presidential Adviser for national security, Presidential Administration, Romania

Foreign languages – English, good knowledge of speaking and writing.

 Iulian Fota is member of TEAM EUROPE Romania -group of experts working with the Delegation of European Comission in Bucharest for informing the Romanian public opinion about EU.

 Iulian Fota has published many articles for the leading Romanian newspapers (Curentul, Ziua, Romania Libera) on issues like international relations, national and international security, defence. He contributed with different studies for books published by Institute for Defence Studies and Military History (Romania), NATO Defence College (Rome), Centre for European Security Studies (Netherlands), Geneva Centre for Democratic Control on Armed Forces (Geneva).
He is currently invited by Romanian TV stations to comment the most relevant international relations events.

 Iulian Fota was one of the first representatives of civil society who organized national and international conferences and workshops on civil-military relations and democratic control on armed forces.


viktor_hmarinViktor Nikolaevich KHMARIN

  • President of “National Industrial and Investment Fund”
  • Honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles in Saint Petersburg
  • Founder of the Moscow "Khmarin & Partners” company
  • Head of the legal advice No. 1 of St. Petersburg City Bar Association
  • In 1975 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Leningrad State University (LSU)
  • Chairman of the “Suntarneftegaz” Board of Directors


Фонд IFSPD - Руководство

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Совет Директоров МФЧМКМ.

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Президентская "Тройка" (Юлиан Фота, Аккан Сувер, Виктор Хмарин)

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