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Commission of innovations and investments of the International Fund for cooperation and partnership of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (BSCSIF) presents a project Interactive communicative Internet-portal”.

This global project is worked out with the aim of increasing the level of investments and innovations and to develop economy of the country. Interactive communicative Internet-portal” consists of common workspace and also of permanent virtual interactive exhibition of new technologies.

The Internet-portal should provide increasing of informational exchange intensity and development of communications types between countries and potential investors. Besides, Portal gives an opportunity to participants of the process to interact in real-time, to get up-to-date information about economic, social, scientific and technological status and about potential growth of any country or its region.

The Internet-portal should be useful for investors due to permanent updating of the virtual exhibition of new technologies, actual information about investment projects, common workspace organized for investors and interested people interacting in real-time with the help of the newest technological solutions.

Information mapping will be organized on the Internet-portal and on the official web-sites of the countries it provides the content of the official Internet recourses, achieving a high level of communicative activity, opening new opportunities for cooperation with international partners, thanks to modern communications services.

More than that permanent exhibition of new technologies (you can see it in the building of the Academy GASIS ) will provide active interest from the side of International business, developers, technology consultants, will further strengthen the international contacts with the leading technology centers of the world, improve education and training of engineers.

The project aims to consolidate the social, economic, technological and legal information about the development of regions of the country using modern technologies: video communications and broadcast on the Internet. Practically unlimited access to information resources will allow to achieve a high level of information management, to provide operational control of the situation in the region in selected areas, to receive prompt information from any section of an array of information. The project "Atlas" will allow to automate the consolidation of information from all socio-economic sections: by industry, employment rates, indices of Technology, innovation, financial and industrial development, as well as the level of education and health, and a number of other socio-economic parameters.

Project implementation will allow:

  • To improve the level of economic cooperation.
  • Development of cooperation with countries near and far abroad;
  • To promote for the increase in the number of innovative projects and for the betterment of their efficiency
  • To control, analyze and coordinate the legal, technological and financial support in implementation of investment projects in real-time mode in light of creation of integrated infobases.
  • To cut down the time and financial expenditure for organizational and production activities.

The BSCSIF Branch in the Russian Federation holds an International conference on the 23rd of May at 1.00 p.m. in the building of the Academy GASIS (Russian Federation, Moscow, str. Trifonovskaya 57). The conference will be attended by representatives of investment companies, senior officials of ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, representatives of Russian and international business.  Conference participants will be able to see an exhibition of new technologies in the field of ecology and energy conservation, to study the experience of the Academy GASIS in training of investment sphere specialists will also be carried out detailed presentation of the interactive Portal, with simultaneous translation into English.