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On 30th of March 2010, BSCSIF organized a round table on water issues in Romania



The round table, entitled "Waters in Romania – where from, where to?" was organized on the occasion of World Water Day designated by Un General Assembly to be March 22nd.

The round table was aimed at gathering actors involved in water related management activities, discussing priority problems related to water in Romania, considering its role as a key resource. The round table discussions were moderated by Mrs. Zhyldyz Oskonbaeva, Vice-president of BSCSIF from Kyrgyzstan, and were intended to be first of a series of similar events to be organized in Black Sea – Caspian Sea countries each year.

The discussions welcomed: representatives of state administration, civil society, academics, and companies, namely:

- Mr. Gheorghe CONSTANTIN, the Director of Water Department within the Ministry of Environment and Forest of Romania

- Mrs. Ioana WEEK, Department of Management Plans, State Administration of Romanian Waters

- Prof. Ing. Ioan Bica and Prof. Ioan Gherghes, Romanian Environmental Association

- Prof. Daniel Scradeanu and Prof. Marian Palcu, Romanian Association of Hydrogeologists

- Prof. Vladimir Rojanschi, Romanian Water Association

- Prof. Calin Baciu, Dean of Faculty of Environmental Sciences, “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca

The results of the discussions gave participants and BSCSIF updated and trustworthy information about problems related to water in Romania for a better representation of the regional context.

European Perspectives



On January 15th 2010, BSCSIF participated in a round table entitled "Where Europe Ends" organized by Representation of European Commission in Romania and by the Information Office of European Parliament in Romania.

Since 2009 the Representation of the European Commission in Romania holds monthly seminars "European Perspectives" which are intended to stimulate discussions and dialogue on EU priorities, in a close connection with the national public agenda in Romania. In this context, members of European Parliament, diplomats, politicians, public servants, representatives of a civil society, social partners, representatives of mass media, scientists, leaders of public opinion and others are invited to actively participate and express their opinion.

Special guests of the event that took place on January 15th 2010, were film director Alina Mungiu Pippidi, and European Commissioner Leonard Orban. Members of European Parliament, members of Romanian Parliament, ambassadors of EU member states attended the event as well.

Visit of BSCSIF delegation to Ankara



Visit of the delegation of BSCSIF Branch in Russian Federation and ECOS Company to Ankara (October 26-29, 2010)

In late October 2010, Russian delegation led by the directors of the BSCSIF Branch in Russia and ECOS Company presented in Ankara the newest developed technology of ECOS – “Megapolis” Zero Emission Sewerage Treatment Plants.

During the visit, BSCSIF Turkish Branch represented by Mr. Ismail Safi organized work meetings with the leadership of the ruling Justice and Development Party in the Republic of Turkey, heads of the profile ministries, Ankara Municipality Water and Sewerage Authority, and the Bank of Regions.

The Turkish delegation continued its work on the project, having arrived for a return visit to St-Petersburg on February 7-9, 2011 in order to see an operating “Megapolis” station in Leningrad region. The visit was preceded by the work of Russian and Turkish experts conducted to select the adequate equipment and search for constructive decisions in accordance with the requirements of Turkish ministries and specialized departments regarding the wastewater treatment.

The project for the Black Sea region



BSCSIF participated in a conference on "Shaping a common project for the Black Sea", organized by the Eropean Parliament Socialists Group on 16th of March 2009.

Mr.  President Iulian Fota, Mr. Vice-president Dr. Eldar Hasanov and Mrs. Secretary General Zhyldyz Oskonbaeva participated in the conference on "Shaping a common project for the Black Sea", organized by European Parliament Socialist Groups. Within the conference, the initiative of Group’s Vice-presidents Hannes Swoboda and Jan Marinus Wiersma to create the Union for Black Sea that would promote cooperation with neighboring countries in region of Black Sea was discussed, and the importance of solidarity among EU Member States and political cohesion between them as elements that will enhance EU role in the Black Sea region was concluded.

The round table on “Shaping a common project for the Black Sea” is part of a series of round tables organized by the Socialist Group.

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Совет Директоров МФЧМКМ.

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Президентская "Тройка" (Юлиан Фота, Аккан Сувер, Виктор Хмарин)

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Вице-президенты Л.Романчук и Д.Сулеев, директор Филиала в Турции И.Сафи,

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штаб-квартира Филиала МФЧМКМ в Брюсселе

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5-е заседание Совета Директоров в Брюсселе

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7-е заседание Совета Директоров в Москве

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